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Miss Scarlet

Miss Jane

Some of you may remember Miss Jane and the birdwatcher episode from the Beverly Hillbillies. Jenny and I don't have our outfits yet but we do have a good set of binoculars and one of the things we really enjoy here at Fort Morgan is watching the birds throughout the year. I never was much of a birdwatcher before we moved here but now we find ourselves watching and listening and reading all about the various birds found along the Gulf coast.

miss jane birdwatcher


The Mind's Eye

I can honestly say that I do not have a favorite season of the year, I do find myself claiming that fact but the truth is I somehow find myself longing for any season other than the one I am in, especially as we get into the thick of it.

Perhaps this is human nature. When it is Africa hot here at the beach then I look forward to the cooler temps of fall and likewise when it is cold (well, cold to us here on the Gulf coast) and the wind blowing thirty knots from the North across Mobile bay, I have the warm days of spring to long for.


Reviving an Old Name

The Riddle of Steel

welding metal art

A few years ago, I started down a new creative journey and began making metal art and home decor. I invested in a CNC plasma table and lots of other metalworking tools and equipment and started Lightforge Creations.  For several years I enjoyed making custom home decor, lanterns, wall art, signs, and other things from steel. Everything about this new venture was new to me. I taught myself to weld and even built a little homemade forge.


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