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Live Oaks on the Dunes-Glass Wall Art

Item Description

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico from our back porch there are dunes topped with sand live oaks. We enjoy listening to the breeze rustling through the leaves of these scrubby twisted and gnarly little trees. They also make a fine nesting place for the many varieties of birds along the dunes. This glass wall art piece features a specialized glass called Van Gogh glass that sparkles and reflects the different colors of light in a dazzling way.  It is handmade glass and is opaque so it is not made for backlighting in a window but for wall art or mosaics. The lead lines are finished in a copper patina. I can create a wall art piece for you from this or many other choices of glass and colors.

Size and Mounting

Width 24"
Height: 20"
Includes mouting hardware

Customization and Special Orders

You can also contact me to customize this design or create something unique just for you. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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